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Precious Phiri

I am a founding trustee, a coordinator of IGugu Trust. I am a trainer, accredited professional (Communal) in Holistic Management by Savory Institute, working mostly in regeneration issues and community organizing. My main interest is working with rural communities (especially) to promote abundance thinking and reverse poverty, desertification, loss of wildlife, and climate change and its effects. I was born in Nkayi, Zimbabwe and raised in one of the Hwange communities- Mabale, I am currently working in the same region.

I am so excited about cofounding IGugu Trust, and continue journeying with communities as we all continuously discover the potential of our places if we applied sound management decisions. One of the things that Inspire me the most helping rural communities in Africa to reduce poverty, restore dignity, rebuild soils, and restore food and water security for people, livestock and wildlife. This work has become more of a calling, from my foundation driven by the extreme difficult conditions of my childhood growing up in extreme poverty, and being orphaned at an early age where I had to take care of her siblings at a young age of 16.

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I am continuously inspired by heroic late grandmother, who stood her ground and protected the girl kids she raised from early arranged marriages of the day, a well wishing family that made me access the education I could have never afforded, the resilience and stubbornness of hope and the great community of leaders on whose shoulders I stand.

My current dream is being a voice for and providing training for communities to thrive in security, social entrepreneurship approaches to gain from their land and livestock. In such a fragmented world, I desire to help build connections and show true benefits of regenerative stewardship. I strongly believe that true and just regenerative development is when people's lives are impacted in the long term right from the basic needs, social and economic narrative as well as the ecosystems that support their life. I am excited about this journey as it continues to unfold. I am a new mom, and now more than ever, I feel a great sense of purpose for her work, and the need for a regenerative legacy has never been stronger.

My Partner Coverage

Some of the partner coverages include Zambia, Hwange communal lands, Zimbabwe, Kenyan Maasai Pastoral communities, and Samburu Pastoral communities in Northern Kenya. In other platforms I am collaborating with international organisations to have a voice in the policy spaces for sound policies and food systems through my activities with a global partner network Regeneration International.